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An estimated 2.4 million adults in the UK have a diagnosed food allergy. When eating out, or ordering takeaway, they need clear, accurate information to make safe choices. That’s where Menu Guide comes in.

This award-winning tool helps hospitality and catering professionals easily create interactive online allergen menus to share information with customers. They can sort dishes according to their needs, make informed decisions when ordering and save their preferences.

Around 6% of adults in the UK are estimated to have a clinically confirmed food allergy and more than 30% of adults report living with symptoms of food hypersensitivity (Food Standards Agency research 2024)

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Created for food businesses, Menu Guide helps you maintain accurate, recorded allergen information and share it online 24/7 with staff and customers.

It streamlines your operations by making food choices clear and accessible, and provides valuable back-up to staff helping customers eat safely.

Using Menu Guide shows customers that you take their dietary needs seriously and encourages them to take responsibility for their choices.

Designed to give the hospitality and catering industry a clear, simple and user-friendly way of creating and sharing allergen menus, Menu Guide has the flexibility to signpost diners to a wide range of information (Sustainable Restaurant Association)


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Create, customise, edit, autosave and link menus. Store them in your library.

Options to show ingredients, dietary categories, calories, photos and carbon footprint data

Plan ahead; schedule dates and times for menu publication and deactivation

Use the ‘find and replace’ function to update all your menus if one item changes

Create and print labels for ‘pre-packed for direct sale’ (PPDS) foods to comply with ‘Natasha’s Law

View analytics to track trends in your customers’ dining preferences


Click on each tab to see how Menu Guide can enhance your business

Menu Guide minimises paperwork and streamlines your kitchen operations. It makes your allergen and dietary information available to customers at any time. Providing clear allergen menus reduces enquiries and requests for specially modified dishes, preventing service delays and saving time.

Menu Guide supports staff training and is an essential tool for front-line advisors explaining what’s on the menu and helping your customers eat safely. It also satisfies the Food Standards Agency’s recommendation that allergen information given verbally is backed up by written allergen menus to ensure accuracy. Use the Menu Guide icon to remind customers of their responsibility to tell your staff about their allergy or intolerance.

Menu Guide enables customers to view your allergen and dietary information quickly and easily before, during and after their visit. It satisfies the Food Standards Agency’s requirement that information on allergenic ingredients must be listed clearly in an obvious place, or clearly signposted. The interactive functionality of our allergen menus enables customers to sort dishes quickly and easily according to their dietary needs, enhancing service.

Using Menu Guide shows that you value the health and safety of your customers, understand the importance of food allergies and take this issue seriously. Providing a positive experience will build loyalty, especially as research shows that customers with special dietary requirements tend to visit the same places. Positive reviews and good word-of-mouth will also attract new customers looking for safe places to eat.

By making food allergen and dietary information available to customers anytime, anywhere, Menu Guide will help you meet your legal obligations, avoid unnecessary paperwork and reduce customer enquiries – saving you time and money.  Alongside your streamlined operations, your improved service will also attract new customers, build loyalty and encourage repeat business that boosts revenue.

Your menu content, appearance and QR codes may all be customised to suit your venue’s requirements, using templates or with a full white labelling service that ensures a seamless integration with your visual identity.


– System warnings of any conflicting menu information to alert staff of discrepancies
– Custom allergy statements to communicate working practices to customers
– Automatic expiry of allergen menus that have not been regularly checked
– Tracking of user operations and menu changes through a detailed audit log
– Primary Authority assurance of compliance with relevant food safety legislation

Winners of the ‘Innovation and Technical’ category at the UK Government’s Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) Regulatory Excellence Awards 2021.

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Just want to commend you for the fantastic product you’ve got. We had an Environmental Health Officer inspection and they were blown away by the detail and ease of use of Menu Guide, so great job! (Client)

I just wanted to say how great this is and how easy to use. It has revolutionised my lunch break at work! I’m no longer a pain asking for the allergens and delaying the queue and I can plan ahead to work out what I can eat. Thank you so much. (Customer)