Offline Menu Guide App – Available Now

Menu Guide Offline App in use in a cafe

Our new Menu Guide offline menus app is now available to download for Android (Windows version coming soon).

Why an offline menus app?

Menu Guide works brilliantly in most scenarios, allowing customers to view and interact with your allergen menus directly in their mobile device’s web browser. However, this does require an internet connection to download and view the menus.

If your venue suffers from poor WiFi and little or no phone coverage then this can be a problem.

The solution to this is our new offline menus app!

How does it work?

Simply download the offline app to a shared Android device and login using your Menu Guide account details.

The app will download your latest menus, storing them in the device for future use.

When a customer requests to view your allergen menus, pass them the shared device and they can browse the menu without needing an internet connection.

The app will try to download a live version of the requested menu. If that fails it will fall back to the local copy.

Get it on Google Play

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