We’ve created some demo menus showcasing some of the styles and functionality you can expect when you sign up to use Menu Guide. Custom styling is available on Premier and Advanced packages.

Click on an image below to view the menu style. Or alternatively, see a responsive demonstration for mobile devices.

Julie’s Cafe Demo Menus

Julie's Cafe - Menu Guide Styling
Menu Guide Styling
Julie's Cafe - Classic Styling
Classic Styling
Julie's Cafe Chalkboard Dark Styling
Chalkboard Styling
Julie's Cafe - Modern Light Styling
Modern Styling
Julie's Cafe Retro Styling
Retro Styling

Custom Styling Examples

Advanced package users can style their menus directly via CSS to emulate the look of their own websites. See this example.

We also offer bespoke integrations and white labeling for larger clients. Contact us for a price and to find out more.